Essential & Balance Packages

Here the dream of freedom becomes reality and relishing big and small joys of life - the only obligation. Here the day has the pace that pleases you.


Just The Two Of Us (1hrs45')

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of four treatments created by Tonkin Spa. The blend of four treatments will leave you relaxed, cleansed and your skin feeling silky smooth. Relaxing Aromatherapy Treatment, Body Scrub


Imperial Experience (2hrs15')

An unforgettable package consisting of four treatments created by Tonkin Spa. Imperial Experience package is a wonderful treat for the mind, body and soul. Relaxing Aromatherapy Treatment, Body Scrub, Mud Body Wrap


Tonkin Lotus Packages (Season) 2hrs

Imagine lying calmly in a bed of Lotus, Mud body wrap with lotus leaves follow by soaking in a bath of lotus flowers…feel the experience of being at one with the nature. Complete with the gentle Relaxing Aromatherapy Treatment These treatments awaken and feel your body in Peacefulness with Lotus. – Mud Wrap with Lotus Leaves – Traditional Lotus Flower Bath – Relaxing Aromatherapy Treatment

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